Walmart Price Error Offering Super Cheap Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch

If you were looking for looking to pick up a new set of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con but didn't want to shell out 70 bucks, than the latest gaming "oops" from Walmart will be right up your alley! Players are reporting getting the Green/Pink Joy-Con controllers at the popular retailer for a significant fraction of the real cost. As of right now, a pricing error from the company has put a brand new set at an impressive $24.88!

The discovery came from Reddit when the OP made the following statement:

"Hi people, I made an interesting discovery today, thought you might be interested. Haven't seen it elsewhere so I thought I'd share. I stumbled upon the Green/Pink joycons priced at $24.88 on Brickseek. All my local Walmarts were listed at this price. If you go into the store, these joy cons are still listed at their normal price, but they will ring up as $24.88.

I looked up a few other areas I know of, and they're listed like this as well. So I'm not sure if this is regional, or everywhere. Take a look. Looks like an unlisted clearance type of thing, but I'm not in the retail biz."

They also included a picture of the receipt as proof as well as how to check your local store's inventory to see if the pricing error is relevant to individual locations. The full post can be seen here, but that is a pretty heft price drop and one not sanctioned by the Big N themselves.


Other Redditors have flocked to the post to show off their own receipts revealing all of the different locations this error can be utilized at. As one user notated, this is "almost as good" as the previous pricing error that put The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at just 5 bucks shortly after its launch. Bad move for the company in question, but pretty sweet news for those gamers on a budget.

So far, Walmart has not made any mention that they are aware of this issue - though we're seeing it pretty much everywhere online, so if you're interested you're going to want to act fast!