Wendy's Twitter Account Sizzles With 'Diablo Immortal' Themed Burn

There’s been a lot of backlash against Blizzard over the past few weeks over the company’s [...]

There's been a lot of backlash against Blizzard over the past few weeks over the company's recently announced Diablo Immortal, which will be coming exclusively to mobile devices sometime in 2019. But some people have been having fun with the negativity -- particularly Wendy's.


The fast food chain hasn't held back on its smarminess on the Twitter front, and today it unleashed a doozy when a fan asked about what he could do about a promotion if he didn't have a phone.

The company started talking about National Fast Food day, noting, "Already know y'all about to ask for something free for #NationalFastFoodDay, so just download our app and get a free Junior Bacon Cheeseburger with any purchase. Ez." That got a good enough response (free food, yay!), but when a fan asked, "What if we dont have a phone?", Wendy's went right for the jugular.

OUCH. The fans, however, ate it up, just as they would Wendy's food; and some of the responses were a lot of fun in return.

Obviously there are still a lot of bitter Blizzard fans out there, but it appears there's even more that are likely to visit Wendy's now. And, hey, a junior bacon cheeseburger does sound good at the moment...

No word yet if Blizzard responded. Maybe they're too busy enjoying some delicious food at the moment. But we more than likely haven't seen the last of the, ahem, fast food burns? Is that the best way to put it?

As mentioned, Diablo Immortal will be out sometime in 2019. Yes, fans, Diablo IV is coming eventually, but we need to wait for an announcement. In the meantime...dinner?