Wingspan Creator Announces Next Board Game Project

The creator of the hit tabletop game Wingspan will have a new board game out later this year. AEG has announced Mariposas, a new tabletop game by Elizabeth Hargrave, the creator of the 2019 smash hit Wingspan. Mariposas (the Spanish word for butterflies) will put players in control of a flock of monarch butterflies as they make their traditional migration from Mexico to eastern North America and then back again. Scoring will play out over three rounds, split between spring, summer, and fall. Mariposas will focus on set collection and movement and can be played with 2-5 players.

Hargrave was the designer of Wingspan, last year's surprise hit game about attracting different species of birds to a nature preserve. Wingspan picked up a ton of mainstream attention due to its focus on birds, with a detail to high-quality artwork and an innovative design that focused around engine-building. Wingspan went on to win several awards last year and struggled to remain on shelves due to its high demand. Thanks to its popularity, Wingspan will be releasing several expansion that adds new birds from different continents.


While Mariposas has a different theme than Wingspan, it seems that the game will continue Hargrave's innovative game designs that draw heavily from nature. The monarch butterfly is one of North America's most recognizable butterflies, in part because of its migration cycle, which takes part over multiple generations. Mariposas will utilize life cycle cards and wildflower markers, hinting that the game takes cues from the monarch butterfly's actual lifespan and habits.

Mariposas will be released in 3Q 2020. Expect more information about the game to be released later this year.

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