Wiz Khalifa Wants to Join MultiVersus

Wiz Khalifa really wants to join MultiVersus. MultiVersus is one of the biggest games right now thanks to the fact it's just IP galore. Crossovers are the big, hot thing right now in the entertainment industry. Movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home have characters from different universes and movies that released over 2 decades ago making their re-appearance, games like Fortnite are adding characters from different franchises, and Call of Duty is doing stuff with King Kong and Godzilla. Nothing is off-limits anymore and MultiVersus takes advantage of that! It's a fighting game that makes characters from various Warner Bros. properties fight against each other, allowing for all kinds of chaos.

Even though it's using characters like Batman, Shaggy, and Superman, real life NBA star LeBron James also appeared in the game since he was the protagonist of Space Jam 2. Now, rapper Wiz Khalifa wants in on the action. As spotted by Dexerto, Wiz Khalifa was bragging about going hard on the sticks as Taz, but claims Shaggy is his favorite character in MultiVersus. When the official social media account for the game responded with a gif of Shaggy, Khalifa took his shot and asked if he could be in the game too. It's entirely possible it will end there and nothing will come of it, but given crossovers are all the craze right now, it's hard to imagine a bunch of marketing execs and developers aren't scrambling to try and make this happen. As of right now, it's a total mystery and if it does happen, it will likely be a while given all of the work that goes into making a brand new character for a fighting game.

MultiVersus recently added Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty. The game is still in its infancy, so it's likely the roster will continue to expand for months to come. Given WB only has so many characters, it wouldn't be shocking if it did try to leverage real life people like Wiz Khalifa to help pad out the line-up.


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