Wordle Fan Pitches New LEGO Ideas Concept

Since debuting at the end of 2021, Wordle has become one of the biggest games on the planet. Wordle has gained a passionate following, so it comes as little surprise that one player has now pitched a LEGO Ideas concept based on the game. The concept is called LEGORDLE: LEGO Wordle, and it features a perfect recreation of the game. There are six lines where players can put letters, and a whole bunch of tiles that can be stored inside. Naturally, the tiles would come in green, yellow, and white, in order to indicate whether the letter is correct, or in the right spot.

An image of the concept can be found below. Readers interested in supporting the concept can do so at its LEGO Ideas page right here.

(Photo: LEGO)

Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, and sold to The New York Times earlier this year. Wardle was very much against monetizing the game, which is why it remains playable via browser, rather than through an app. The New York Times has kept the game free-to-play, though it has hinted that could eventually change. Perhaps LEGO and The New York Times will make this set happen, if the demand is strong enough. As of this writing, the project has a fairly small number of supporters, at just under 200. However, there are still 373 days left for it to find a lot more supporters, and there are clearly a lot of Wordle fans out there!

LEGO Ideas is a place where fans can pitch their concepts, and potentially see them officially made, if there's enough support. Many video game fans have pitched concepts through the site over the years, but it's up to LEGO to decide whether they're financially feasible. Earlier this year, a fan concept based on Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series was officially released, though it did have some changes made from the original pitch. If interest is strong enough, perhaps the same will happen for LEGORDLE!

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[H/T: Screen Rant]