WWE 2K20 2K Originals Impressions: Bump in the Night Embraces the Fantasy Side of Wrestling

2K Games and Visual Concepts are taking a different approach to downloadable content for WWE 2K20, as instead of just wrestler or moves packs fans will get a series of themed packages with a little bit of everything. 2K20 will introduce its first pack at launch, titled Bump in the Night, and it will feature not only a playable version of The Fiend but also several other horror-themed character redesigns, arenas, towers, and a full story campaign featuring Finn Balor and Swampfather Bray Wyatt. We had the chance to get hands-on with some of the content found in that initial pack, and here's our full rundown. You can also check out some gameplay from the new mode in the video above.

So during our hands-on with WWE 2K20, we tried out the Bump in the Night campaign mode, which has players taking control of Balor as he makes his way through Bray Wyatt's mysterious swamp and encounters horror-themed superstars. It's actually rather cool to see the design team have fun with the more outlandish concepts of these characters, and as you might expect some things work better than others.

There's been quite a bit of care given to the environment, and you'll immediately appreciate Bray's hilarious but oh so satisfying commentary over the match. That said, there's a bit of investment loss that happens during the cutscenes, as Balor nor Wyatt actually speak during those. Granted, we get why that was done, but having that in place would've helped immerse you into this crazy over the top world even more, especially if it showed sides to the characters we don't get to see on television.

(Photo: 2K)

You'll meet other redesigned superstars in the mode, including Mandy Rose, Nikki Cross, and Braun Strowman, and while this isn't going to take the place of the game's other modes by a longshot, it is a fun detour to go on that also nets you these characters to use in the rest of the game. Your mileage will definitely vary, but it's hard not to appreciate the creativity on display.

The 2K Originals content will also feature additional Towers that feature smaller storylines and more redesigned characters. We tried out Sheamus' story, and this one was more lighthearted than the Balor Bray campaign, as Sheamus takes on zombified versions of superstars like Ricochet and Kassius Ohno. We're hoping that future Towers and campaigns take on this type of tone, as it helps you embrace the ridiculousness of it all and simply have fun with it.

(Photo: 2K)

This is no more apparent than with Thanksgiving Rusev, which doesn't have a story but is no less entertaining, and beating the Tower will net you the character to play with in other modes. That one will be in November's update, and we can't wait to see what else makes the cut.

(Photo: 2K)

It's nice to see the development team stretch their legs and come up with fun and unique takes on your favorite WWE superstars, and while you'll get more entertainment out of some aspects of it more than others, we definitely appreciate this over just another character or additional content pack, especially since you get customizable elements for MyPlayer, arenas, superstars, and more with each one. Bump in the Night is a solid start to this new effort, though I'll really be sold once I get some Christmas themed content down the line (fingers crossed).

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