WWE 2K22 Reportedly Adding Highly-Requested New Game Mode

A new report has emerged suggesting that WWE 2K22, which is set to release early next year, will finally be adding a game mode that fans have been requesting for years. Although developer Visual Concepts and 2K Games have yet to formally confirm that this mode will indeed be coming to the game, this report in question suggests that there is a chance that we could see its official unveiling before the end of 2021. 

According to Millie Amand, who has been a reputable video game industry insider in recent months, 2K Sports will finally be adding a Manager mode to WWE 2K22. This game mode will allow players to take control of the entirety of WWE and run the organization from top to bottom in pursuit of growing the wrestling brand. "WWE 2K22 will 100% have a Manager mode in which you the player will run the WWE," Amand confidently said on social media this week. "This has been asked for, for years and recently topped various fan request polls."

Speaking more to when this feature for WWE 2K22 will formally reveal the addition of this game mode, Amand said that the announcement is set to transpire in tandem with an upcoming WWE event. Specifically, it was said that Survivor Series, which takes place next month, or the Royal Rumble, which will occur in January 2022, will be the potential locales in which WWE will reveal this new addition to WWE 2K22

As a whole, there remains very little that we know about WWE 2K22 in a general sense. 2K Games has at this moment only confirmed that the latest entry in the long-running wrestling sim series will launch next year in March 2022. Outside of this release window, though, further details on the platforms that the game will be coming to haven't yet been divulged. As we inch closer to next year, however, we should start to hear quite a bit more about the project. 

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