WWE Superstar Asuka Shares Photo of Massive Classic Game Collection

The WWE might currently be going through major changes with Raw and SmackDown Live, but one of the major constants is the strong roster of Superstars. One of the major standouts among fans is Asuka, who's gotten a strong fan following inside due to her athletic prowess. But she has just as huge of a following outside of the ring as well as fans have come to find out about her love of video games and other pop culture.

Asuka has shared her love of video games in the past, but a recent photo on Twitter certainly helped cement her as a major video game fan. Uploading a photo of "part" of her classic video game collection to Twitter, fans have been very impressed at the lineup.

Sharing a photo of classic Famicom and Super Famicom (what fans outside of Japan known as the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo) games like Megaman 2 (otherwise known as Rockman in Japan), Super Mario Bros. 3, Street Fighter II, Top Gun, Rolling Thunder, and even Nintendo 64 games like 1080 Snowboarding. It's a massive collection that would make any video game fan envious, and will certainly make some fans cheer for her that much louder.


Asuka is currently a member of a new tag team in the Women's Division with Kairi Sane known as the Kabuki Warriors. It wasn't exactly a huge hit with fans on its debut on SmackDown Live, but fans were happy to see the two Superstars working together. It also helped matters that they were both being managed by Paige, and Paige spoke with ComicBook.com about how she came to be manager for this new team.

It turns out she originally pitched to be Ronda Rousey's manager too, "I pitched to manage Ronda Rousey, kind of like the Paul Heyman-Brock Lesnar thing...And then also be with Asuka, because Asuka had trouble speaking on the mic sometimes. As much as she's an amazing athlete, an incredible wrestler, and I was like, 'I'll help her, give me the microphone, I'll talk for her.' And then Paul Heyman called me one day and said, 'We have a great role for you. You can be the next me with these two women.' I was like, 'Wow, what a crazy tag team, they're incredible.... Absolutely, I'll take it!'