Xbox's Acquisition of Bethesda Is Essentially Complete

Last week, Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax Media, which will bring Bethesda and all of its teams under the Xbox Game Studios banner, was approved by the United State Securities and Exchange Commission. The move made this deal one step closer to becoming a reality, but in turn, the powers that be over in Europe needed to approve the acquisition as well. As of this morning, that approval has now come through.

The European Commission announced today that it is allowing the acquisition of ZeniMax Media by Microsoft to go through as intended. The board found no reason to have any concerns with the move and said that it should not cause any issues in regards to competition. With the deal now being approved by both the United States and Europe, this means that Xbox's ownership of Bethesda is basically now finalized on paper.

As for what this means for the two entities moving forward, well, we could find out as soon as this week. Once the deal was announced to have been approved by those in Europe, reporter Jeff Grubb shared a tentative schedule on Twitter that indicates we should learn more about Bethesda and Xbox this Thursday, March 11th. Grubb didn't specify what might transpire later this week, but in the past, he has been one of the main voices saying that an event involving Xbox and Bethesda would happen in March. Whether or not this turns out to be that aforementioned event remains to be seen.

Of course, is something is indeed happening this week between Xbox and Bethesda, you would imagine that we'll find out about such a thing quite soon. If any word does end up coming forward in the near future, we'll be sure to update you here on

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