Xbox, Bethesda Rumored to Have "Multiple" Disney Games in the Works

Bethesda already has one Disney-related game in the works following its reveal from last year of a new Indiana Jones game, but it seems now that may not be the only Disney project it and Xbox are working on. Recent rumors have suggested that may be the case with at least one insider saying that there are "multiple Disney-licensed projects in the works" over at Xbox and Bethesda. Both Xbox and Bethesda will take part in a joint showcase as part of the summer gaming festivities next month, so perhaps if these rumors are true, we'll hear more about those plans there.

Joey McDermott who goes by KourtsideKing on Twitter and other socials shared the rumor about the Disney-related projects in the works at Xbox and Bethesda this week. His comment came in response to a poll from another user asking if people believed that Bethesda's parent company ZeniMax acquired any other licenses from Disney we may not know about yet prior to the Microsoft buyout. McDermott responded by insisting that there are "multiple" Disney projects being worked on, though he added that he wasn't confident in the order in which those licenses were being worked on.

When asked for more info regarding if this was merely speculation or if there was something backing up that info, McDermott said in another tweet he had "sources" providing the info which were apparently good for other details in the past about ongoings within Xbox and Bethesda.

What those Disney projects are – assuming they're real – remain to be seen, but considering how many properties Disney owns, it could be a range of different licenses being worked on. Marvel projects like Marvel's Wolverine have already been allotted to studios like PlayStation's Insomniac Games while Uncharted creator Amy Hennig is also working on a Star Wars game, too. You then have the more traditional Disney projects like Disney Dreamlight Valley, but even with all those ideas claimed, there's no shortage of properties to pull from.

The only one we know of so far is the new Indiana Jones game, so hopefully we'll hear more about that soon. Bethesda said back when the game was announced that it'd be "some time" before more was to be shared, so perhaps that time will come this summer if Xbox and Indiana Jones fans are lucky.