This Xbox Classic Pack Is a Blast From the Past

If you’ve been looking to spend that Christmas cash on something nice for your gaming library, [...]

If you've been looking to spend that Christmas cash on something nice for your gaming library, and maybe want to celebrate the old-school days of the Xbox while you're at it, then Amazon may have just the thing to cure your post-holiday blues.


The online retailer has begun offering Hyperkin's Xbox Classic Pack, which offers a dose of old-school goodness while keeping with the modern theme of the Xbox One and Xbox One X.

Going for $80.98, the pack includes a Hyperkin Duke Xbox One controller with a see-through green build, similar to the special edition Xbox peripheral from the Halo days. It also comes with a classic Xbox skin that you can apply to your system, along with a one-month subscription to the Xbox Game Pass service so you can enjoy a free month of games on the house before the $9.99 membership price kicks in.

This is a pretty good package deal considering what all is included, and the skin apples to both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X model systems so it's perfect for those of you that got one of those for the holidays or those that had one before.

Hyperkin introduced the line of "Duke" Xbox One controllers a while back, keeping its old-school Xbox design while implementing a sweet little touch button in the center that features the Xbox startup screen. It's a wired peripheral, but its cable is long enough that you can enjoy your games in comfort without having to sit too close to the television.

Likewise, the skin is a pretty nifty design, transforming your latest game console into something relatively designed like the special edition Xbox offered up in the early 2000's- but obviously without the high price tag to go along with it. (Oh, and you can play more current games alongside favorites like Panzer Dragoon Orta and SSX 3.)

Xbox Game Pass features over 100+ titles that you can download and enjoy on demand, including newer releases like Forza Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2, along with revolving titles and new indie games to enjoy. And at $10 a month, it's a steal, especially if you don't have the funds to build a big game library right away.

You can check out the Xbox Classic Pack here on Amazon. If you prefer to get the Duke wired controller by itself (or if you already have the Xbox Game Pass and don't prefer the classic skin), you can get that here in its regular black model for just $59.99.

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