Xbox FanFest Shares New Charity Details for Gamers Outreach

Microsoft had previously announced their plans to team up with Gamers Outreach, a well known [...]


Microsoft had previously announced their plans to team up with Gamers Outreach, a well known charity organization, for this year's E3 FanFest. Taking that news a step further, they recently detailed what they are doing to help and where exactly those proceeds are going.

"We are excited to announce that every dollar from FanFest attendees will go to Gamers Outreach to help bring gaming to children's hospitals," explained Microsoft in their weekly wrap-up. "They're a great organization which has enriched many lives across the country, and we couldn't be prouder to be working with them."

Gamers Outreach was first founded back in 2007 and their goal is to provide technology, equipment, and support to help children with their treatment in hospitals all over. The organization helps kids during their stay with interactive experiences, gameplay with the intent to heal, and support for every step of the way.

They also "equip nurses and child life specialists with the means to make activities and technology accessible. Their ultimate goal is to create sustainable experiences that produce joy and minimize trauma for patients. Gamers Outreach currently supports nearly 50 children's hospitals in the US and Canada, benefitting more than 400,000 children per year, with commitments to support over 800,000 children across 200 hospitals."

When Microsoft first announced that they would be charging this year for FanFest, many were confused. Now that we know it's for such a good cause, it's something we can get behind! The team went a step further by adding:

"Funds from Xbox FanFest tickets will go towards helping Gamers Outreach build special FanFest editions "GO Karts" (Gamers Outreach Karts) to place in children's hospitals. These karts will feature a photo of everyone who attends FanFest this year to ensure that all of the patients who use these karts know that they're not alone during their fight. As FanFest is about paying it forward to Xbox fans all around the world, now Xbox fans have the chance to pay it forward to others."

Interested in attending and doing your part to help? You can check out their site right here for more information! The Xbox FanFest kicks off on June 10th.