Xbox Game Pass Adds New Amazon Alexa Features

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now use Amazon Alexa to download games via voice command. It's a simple new addition for those that have connected the device to their Xbox console, but it's also one that might make life a little bit simpler for some gamers. In addition to downloads, users can also ask Alexa about games that are new to the service, titles that will soon be departing, and more. This likely won't be a game changer for anyone, but it certainly fits with all the quality of life additions Xbox users have seen over the last several months.

Amazon Alexa compatibility with Game Pass is currently available in the US, with other regions to follow in the near future. Adding support for Alexa shows that Microsoft is looking for a lot of different ways to bolster Game Pass. The highlight of the service will always be its library, but any way that Microsoft can make it easier for users to access and enjoy the service makes it less likely that subscribers will drop off. Allowing users to download games by voice command will ensure that users aren't sitting and waiting for their games to download, which is very much a good thing.

Xbox Game Pass has seen a lot of focus over the last year, as Microsoft continues to seek out new ways to make the service more appealing to users. The Game Pass service has become the closest thing to a "Netflix for gaming" the industry has seen. Microsoft clearly sees it as a key selling point for its hardware, so subscribers should expect to see a lot of focus on Game Pass during this console generation.

It will be interesting to see where Microsoft takes Xbox Game Pass from here. The service has absolutely caught the attention of the industry, and there are a lot of rumors regarding how it might expand. Some believe that Xbox Game Pass could even come to Nintendo Switch, though there are a lot of reasons that might not be the case. For now, subscribers have to be feeling pretty good about the service, and that's definitely good news for Microsoft.


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