Xbox Game Pass Adds Two New Games

In addition to announcing a total of six different games at the end of July that would be added, Microsoft recently revealed that the Xbox Games Pass would also receive an additional two games in the form of The Bard's Tale Trilogy and Wasteland 30th Anniversary Edition. These two titles join the likes of Pandemic, Downwell, Slay the Spire, and more that have been announced as coming to the service in the last week.

It's worth noting here that neither The Bard's Tale Trilogy nor Wasteland 30th Anniversary Edition will join the service right this moment. As Xbox Wire notes, the former is set to arrive on August 13th, while the latter will join the service when it launches later this year.

Here's how Xbox Wire describes The Bard's Tale Trilogy:

"The Bard’s Tale Trilogy features all three original games (Tales of the Unknown, The Destiny Knight, and Thief of Fate), each remastered with updated graphics and audio, while still retaining the 8-bit spirit of the originals. The Bard’s Tale series pioneered the ability to transfer your characters from the first game to the next, and that’s been recreated in this remastered Trilogy, allowing you to form a party in the first title and take them on a heroic journey across all three games."

Here's how Xbox Wire describes Wasteland 30th Anniversary Edition:


"Wasteland 30th Anniversary Edition is a remaster of the classic game that brought the post-apocalypse to RPGs, and it’s arriving later this year. For fans eagerly awaiting Wasteland 3, it’ll be the perfect opportunity to see where the story of the Desert Rangers all began."

Xbox Games Pass is available for $9.99 a month. In addition to the pass additions, there will also be a new set of Xbox Game Pass Quests that players can complete in order to earn Microsoft Rewards points. You can read up more about those on the Xbox website right here.