Xbox Game Pass Steals New Addition From PlayStation Plus

Xbox Game Pass essentially just stole a new game from Sony's PlayStation Plus service. In a general sense, it's not much of a surprise to ever see many of the same titles come to both PS Plus and Game Pass over time. Popular games like Death Stranding, Hollow Knight, Assassin's Creed Origins, and countless others have appeared simultaneously on both Xbox and PlayStation subscription platforms. For one reason or another, though, Game Pass has now been able to snag a former PS Plus game that only left the service mere days ago. 

As of this moment, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look to download and play the first-person horror game Soma for themselves on consoles, PC, and cloud devices. The addition of Soma on its own isn't too odd, especially since Halloween is rapidly approaching. What is unusual, though, is that Soma was previously available to download and play as part of PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium until this week on October 18th. It seems that the moment Soma left PS Plus, though, Xbox jumped in and swiped the game for Game Pass. 

In all likelihood, Xbox Game Pass surely didn't "steal" Soma away from PS Plus. Games that land on both subscription services are often tied into contracts that determine availability windows, which means that Soma's removal from PS Plus on October 18th was something that was determined long ago. Still, we've also heard in the past that some games that come to both PS Plus and Game Pass are part of exclusive deals, which means that they then can't appear on other services. Whether or not Soma was previously one of these exclusive titles to PS Plus isn't known, but the timing with this is all definitely a bit strange. Either way, Xbox Game Pass subscribers surely don't care and are just glad to have a new spooky game to play as October continues onward. 

Do you find it odd that Soma jumped from PS Plus to Xbox Game Pass so quickly? And if you are a Game Pass subscriber, are you going to look to play the title for yourself? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.