Xbox Game Pass Is Getting One of Gaming's Most Acclaimed Trilogies

Xbox Game Pass is going to add one of gaming's most acclaimed trilogies to the subscription platform later this month. Specifically, that trilogy in question happens to be associated with IO Interactive's Hitman series. Releasing in a new bundle known as Hitman Trilogy, this collection will include Hitman, Hitman 2, and last year's release of Hitman 3. Not only is this collection fantastic for those who haven't played the Hitman series before, but it also now stands as one of the most critically-acclaimed franchises on Game Pass. 

As a whole, Hitman Trilogy is set to launch next week on January 20 and will be coming to a number of different platforms. In regards to Xbox Game Pass, Trilogy will be launching on this same date for Xbox's subscription service, meaning that it's yet another third-party title that Microsoft has snagged to come to the platform on its first day of release. 

Speaking more to the quality of these games overall, all three Hitman titles have been big hits with both critics and fans. Seen via Metacritic, the original Hitman boasts an average "Metascore" of 85 on Xbox. Hitman 2 then boasts an 84 score, while Hitman 3 is considered the best of the bunch at 87. While numerous games continue to come to Xbox Game Pass over time, it's the sheer quality of many of these titles that continues to make the service that much better.   

Perhaps the best part of Hitman Trilogy coming to Xbox Game Pass is that it will be available on all tiers of the platform. This means that whether you're subscribed to Xbox Game Pass for Console, PC, or you have the Ultimate tier of the subscription, you'll be able to play all three Hitman titles wherever you prefer. Considering that some Xbox Game Pass games only end up coming to either console or PC, it's great to see that Hitman Trilogy will instead be available on both offerings. 

What do you think about Xbox Game Pass getting the full Hitman trilogy? If you haven't played these games for yourself before, are you going to dive in now that they'll be on Game Pass? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.