Xbox Game Pass' Next Game Delayed a Day Before Release

Xbox Game Pass' next notable game has been delayed a day before release. Yesterday, January 5, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate were set to be bolstered with a new game: Killer Queen Black. However, on January 4, the game's official Twitter account announced that the game would no longer be coming to Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate on January 5, and has rather been delayed to Q1 2021, which is to say, it will now release sometime between now and April 1, 2021.

According to the game's official Twitter account, the delay comes down to the developer's commitment to quality. In regards to this, it then cites a "hiccup" in development, though it doesn't specify what this hiccup is.

"It is our commitment to quality that has put a hiccup in our release date for Xbox," said the game's official Twitter account in a statement that accompanied the news. "While we won't be available on Game Pass for the original release date of Jan 5th, we will be out in Q1 2021 to deliver an exceptional experience across platforms and with our new Xbox players."

For those that don't know: Killer Queen Black, inspired by the original Killer Queen, released back in 2019 via the Nintendo Switch and PC to a very solid 83 on Metacritic. That said, it's unclear how robust its player base currently is, which is relevant information because it's a multiplayer game.


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