Xbox Game Pass Twitter Account Seems to Be Teasing a Huge New Game

The official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account seems to be teasing a huge new game coming to the subscription service later this year. And if it's teasing the game everyone thinks it's teasing, it's going to be a massive pick up for Microsoft and the budding subscription service. More specifically, it looks like emphasis -- on looks like -- the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account is teasing that Battlefield 6 is coming to the subscription service when it releases later this year, likely via EA Play, which likely means via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate only.

To understand the new tease from Xbox Game Pass Twitter account tease, you need to first travel back in time to May when Nick Baker claimed Battlefield 6 was released on Xbox Game Pass at launch. Prominent Battlefield insider Tom Henderson seemingly teased this as well.

The other context you need to know is that last week a producer on the game, Ben Walke, seemingly teased that the new Battlefield game will be at Xbox's E3 2021 showcase.

Fast-forward to yesterday, and Xbox announced some Xbox Game Pass games coming in June. Responding to this, the social media manager for Battlefield responded to the tweet with "Wait a minute...". This by itself is notable, but what makes it more notable is that the tweet from the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account announcing June's games came with the caption "it rhymes with soon." Why is this relevant? This is the same phrase EA and DICE used to announce the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer was coming in June.

At this point, it's safe to assume something is going on with Xbox and Battlefield 6, and Xbox Game Pass is likely involved. That said, for now, take all of this speculation with a grain of salt.


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