Xbox Leaker Teases Big New Release Possibly Coming to Xbox Game Pass Later This Year

A notable Xbox insider has seemingly teased a new addition to Xbox Game Pass that could be [...]

A notable Xbox insider has seemingly teased a new addition to Xbox Game Pass that could be arriving later this year. The game in question hasn't been confirmed to be coming to the subscription service just yet, but the reason for this is because its release is still quite far out. As such, it might take a bit longer for us to learn if this tease will come to fruition.

This new rumor comes by way of Nick "Shpeshal Ed" Baker over on Twitter where he seemed to indicate that Bandai Namco's Tales of Arise could be coming to Xbox Game Pass. While Baker didn't outright mention Game Pass in his tweet, he did seem to indicate that the RPG will be launching on platforms other than just Xbox and PlayStation. "I wonder what else it might be launching on?" Baker asked, throwing in a thinking emoji for good measure.

The reason why it is believed that Baker could be referring to Xbox Game Pass with this tweet is because of how often he has teased new games coming to the service in the past. In recent months, Baker has teased a handful of other titles for the service, only for him to be correct later on. Perhaps the most notable example of this in recent memory transpired when Baker said that new Square Enix titles would be coming to Xbox Game Pass. That was proven to be true this past week when Dragon Quest Builders 2 was announced for the platform.

Again, it's important to stress that Tales of Arise very much could not be coming to Xbox Game Pass, so it'd be best to not get your hopes up just yet. Even if Baker does have some insider information right now, things could very much change within the coming months leading up to the game's launch.

Speaking of which, Tales of Arise is currently slated to release later this year on September 10. If the game does end up coming to Xbox Game Pass at release, we'll likely hear about this development directly from Microsoft closer to its arrival.

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