Xbox Game Pass x Nintendo Switch Dream May Be Over

Since early 2020, there have been rumors and reports claiming Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are coming to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. Recently, these reports have slowed down, and that may be because it isn't happening. While insiders are teasing an Xbox x Nintendo announcement coming later this year, it doesn't look like it involves Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Over on Twitter, co-founder of Astris Advisory Japan KK David Gibson -- who regularly attends private Nintendo's private meetings and presentations with shareholders -- reveals that he's been told by Nintendo that they will not put other streaming services on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. Gibson revealed as much when replying to a tweet mentioning the possibility of Xbox Cloud coming to the pair of Nintendo consoles.

Now, this doesn't completely rule out the possibility of the subscription service coming to the Switch and Switch Lite. For one, this isn't official information and it's subject to change. Meanwhile, it's possible the subscription service could come with some adjustments, or more specifically, no streaming options. However, if Nintendo doesn't even want something like Xbox Cloud on Switch and Switch Lite, it's hard to imagine it would want Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


As you would expect, none of the implicated parties have commented on any of this, and it's unlikely they will as it's very much in the territory of speculation and rumor, which Xbox and Nintendo never comment on. However, if either does, we will give the story the necessary update. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think or, alternatively, catch up on the latest Nintendo and Xbox news by clicking here or on the relevant links below: