Xbox Live Is Down Again

Xbox Live is currently down, again. At the moment of publishing, it's unclear how many Xbox gamers are being effected by the outage, but it's bad enough that Xbox Support issued an official tweet letting Xbox users know that it's aware there are issues with matchmaking, party chat, and looking for groups. As you may know, this is the second outage in eight days.

"We are aware that users are experiencing issues with matchmaking, Party Chat, and Looking For Groups," writes Microsoft on Twitter. "Our engineers are working on fixing this now. We will keep you posted here when we have updates!"

Unfortunately, there's no word from Microsoft on what the issue is or when it will be resolved. However, it's presumably due to the servers being overloaded. Gaming traffic has skyrocketed during the coronavirus pandemic, and as a result, many games and services are struggling.

As you would expect, Xbox games aren't happy with yet another outage. Some are threatening to switch to PS4, while others are pointing out how common this has become. And of course, the fact that this is happening on a Friday night doesn't help either.


We will be sure to update this post as more information from Microsoft flows in, however, it's important to note that it could be hours before the problems are solved. For more news, media, rumors, and leaks on Xbox One, be sure to take a second and peruse all of our past and recent coverage of the console -- and everything related to it -- by clicking right here.