Get 3 Months of Xbox Live Gold for Just $10

Xbox owners who want to make sure their Xbox Live Gold subscription stays up and running can now [...]

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Xbox owners who want to make sure their Xbox Live Gold subscription stays up and running can now extend it for 3 months for just $10.

The deal is being offered through Best Buy, and you can bet that it won't be lasting very long before the promotion ends. By making your way to the product page for the 3-month subscription through Best Buy's site, you'll find the Xbox Live deal that's an absolute steal for the price.

To put this deal into perspective and show how great it is for Best Buy's current price, the typical price of the 3-month subscription will almost always run you $15 more than this. This subscription length retails at $25, so you can actually get 6 months' worth of Xbox Live Gold – a $40 value – for less than the price of 3 months.

The only catch with the deal is that it appears that there's a limit on how many you're able to purchase at one time. Three at once appears to be the restriction, but that's more than enough to get you through the majority of the year. Regardless, it wouldn't be exceptionally difficult to circumnavigate any limit through buying online, visiting a Best Buy in person, or some combination of the two.

That might be exactly what you need to do if you want to go for a full year, as some buyers are reporting. Buying a subscription online sometimes limits you to just one in your cart, according to some users.

If you're not a subscriber to Xbox Live Gold yet or you know someone who's in the same situation, now's the perfect time to get them or yourself in on everything that the feature has to offer. Aside from just the multiplayer aspect of it, you're also opening doors for free games, exclusive discounts, and plenty of other perks. Check out everything that's included in the membership if you're still on the fence about it, and be sure to pick up your 3-month subscription from Best Buy before the promo ends.