Report: The Next Xbox Is Coming In 2020 As Multiple Pieces of Hardware

Rumors and reports are starting to pick-up that we are nearing the end of this console generation. [...]


Rumors and reports are starting to pick-up that we are nearing the end of this console generation. And so naturally, rumors and reports of the next-gen of consoles are also starting to emerge in numbers, and many are pointing to a release window of 2019-2020.

The latest insider report comes way of Thurrott, who says it has been told that the next Xbox is being referred to internally as 'Scarlett," and is is being described as a "family of devices," suggesting multiple pieces of hardware might be involved rather than just one.

Further, project Scarlett isn't that far off, aiming to release in 2020, meaning it will likely be revealed sometime next year, 2019.

As the outlet notes, 2020 may seem early -- especially when you factor in the company just shipped the Xbox One X last year -- but it makes sense. Sony and its PlayStation kicked Microsoft and the Xbox's teeth in this generation, and I'm sure Microsoft is eager to start afresh with a new generation.

What's also unclear is whether this is entirely a new generation of consoles, are just another variation of the Xbox One. Backward compatibility is expected to be involved, regardless the case.

It seems unlikely it will simply be a further juiced-up Xbox One, as this doesn't help Microsoft optically in the market. It needs a reboot. Is it possible it will speak with the Xbox One? Probably, if not definitely. Microsoft has been touting for awhile the "family of devices" slogan, so I can't see it getting away from that by not making the next Xbox compatible with the games of the current one.

Unlike previous generations, both the PS4 and Xbox One have innards more similar to PC, meaning unlike in the past, backward compatibility shouldn't be as tricky.

During its E3 press conference, Microsoft talked about pushing further into the streaming space, the future as it called it. So it's possible the new Xbox will be made and shipped with that in mind.

As with any rumor or report, it's best to reserve a grain of salt. Even if all of the above information is accurate, it's subject to change.

Let us know in the comments below when you think the next Xbox will hit, and what you want from it.