Xbox Live Surprises Subscribers With a Free $10

Xbox has surprised some select subscribers of Xbox Live with what is essentially free money. In honor of Xbox's Spring Sale kicking off this afternoon, the team at Microsoft started sending out emails that contain a free $10 gift card to the platform's marketplace. The move is yet another from Xbox that has continued to generate goodwill with users, although this action is a bit more hit-and-miss compared to some others that we have seen in the past.

Users on social media this afternoon began sharing the own emails that they received from Xbox for this promotion. "Spring sale starts today!" reads the email's opening. "Here is a special gift to help you make your first game purchase," it goes on to say. To redeem this gift card, users simply have to press a corresponding link that comes within the email and then sign-in to their own Microsoft account. The codes that offer up the $10 voucher must be redeemed by the end of April and the funds that are then deposited into your account have to be spent within 90 days.

The biggest problem when it comes to receiving this email for yourself is that, as mentioned, it seems totally random in regard to who Xbox is sending it to. The main qualifier seems to be that you must be subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, no matter what that looks like. Whether you're a subscriber to Gold on its own or through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it looks like this could qualify you to receive the free $10 gift card. Still, based on what many are reporting online right now, it doesn't seem like this voucher has gone out to every single person that is subscribed to Gold, meaning that it could be a bit of an aimless process.

My best suggestion in this situation is for you to sign-in to your own Microsoft account and make sure that you are enrolled in receiving promotional emails. Although it might not ring true in this case, if you aren't signed up to receive these marketing emails from Xbox, sometimes you then won't qualify for promotions like this one. So if you want to potentially get your own free gift card, head over to your account to opt-in to receive those messages and see if that does the job.

Have you received one of these free gift cards from Xbox yourself? Let me know your own experience either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.