Xbox One User Horrified to See Nazi Club Suggested for Players of a Children's Disney Game

Here's something we didn't expect to see today. An Xbox One user logged on to his console today, [...]

Here's something we didn't expect to see today. An Xbox One user logged on to his console today, and was shocked to see a big banner recommending he join a club for the Nationalist Socialist Women's League. What's even more shocking is that the recommendation was based on his interest in Disney Magic Kingdoms, a children's game on Windows 10 and Windows Phones. "I barely use my Xbone since all of the games added Windows 10 crossplay," Jeremy explained in a post on ResetEra. "I got a Sea of Thieves beta code today and turned on the system. I was shocked to see a swastika icon on my dashboard."

NSWL club
(Photo: via 'Jeremy' on ResetEra)

For those of you unfamiliar with the Nationalist Socialist Woman's League, here's the quick rundown from Wikipedia. Brace yourselves: "The National Socialist Women's League was the women's wing of the Nazi Party. It was founded in October 1931 as a fusion of several nationalist and National Socialist women's associations... Propaganda organizations depended on it as the primary spreader of propaganda to women."

So what on earth is a club like this doing on Xbox Live, and why on earth is it being recommended based on interest in a children's game? For families who game together, it's terrifying to think that a young child may play Disney Magic Kingdoms on their parents' phone or computer, and then log on to their Xbox One to see a banner like this. Even if they remain completely ignorant of what this group represents, liking, joining, and becoming affiliated with this club could have more serious consequences later on.

We're assuming that this will get taken down shortly. Anyone can create a club on Xbox Live, and obviously it's impossible for Microsoft to moderate each and every one of them as they're created. Still, this does make us wonder if Microsoft should introduce some kind of probationary period or additional vetting for clubs on Xbox Live in order to prevent something like this from happening in the future. A quick look at Microsoft's Club Creation guide shows how easy it is to get a club of your own up and running.

We've reached out to Xbox for comment on the issue, and will update this story as soon as they respond.