Report: Microsoft Making 4K Webcams For Xbox One and Windows 10

Microsoft is reportedly developing 4K webcams for Windows 10, one of which will support the Xbox [...]

(Photo: Microsoft)

Microsoft is reportedly developing 4K webcams for Windows 10, one of which will support the Xbox One.

As you may know, it has been awhile since Microsoft released a new webcam, but in 2019 it apparently is looking to change that.

According to a new report from Thurrot, Microsoft is developing multiple 4K webcams predominately for Windows 10, but at least one of them will be compatible with the Xbox One, possibly more.

Obviously, this is more substantial news for Windows 10 users. One of these webcams is said to provide Windows Hello-based authentication, which marks the first time Microsoft has provided said feature on a standalone camera. Previously, Hello functionality has been restricted to just the camera built into its Surface PCs.

For Xbox One users, this could spell improvements for the Kinect, the system's peripheral that is no longer sold with the console, but does have its fans. With the webcam, the Kinect would offer the sign-in automatically by moving in front of the camera. And this will work with multiple users as well, so friends and family members can join in similar fashion during game sessions.

According to Thurrot, Microsoft's new webcams may be connected to the new USB-C based webcam that will release alongside the Surface Hub 2 later this year. The website claims -- via inside sources -- that one of the new cameras will be "enterprise-focused," and so it's possible this will be the same camera used with the Surface Hub 2.

As always, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, as any report should be. That said, Thurrot does have a history of leaking information and details of Microsoft products, so this report is backed with at least a history of accuracy and reliability. But still, the only thing worth taking to the bookies is information of the official capacity.

That said, for Xbox One gamers, don't worry, the Kinect may not be dead yet. Or do worry, I'm not sure.

Anyway, leave a comment letting us know what you think. Would you want a webcam built into the next Xbox or a peripheral option?