Microsoft Is Rumored to be Looking at the Xbox Game Pass on PS4, After Switch

Following the recent shocking news that Microsoft is looking to take that newfound friendship with Nintendo to the next level by bringing the Xbox Game Pass over to the Nintendo Switch, a new report has arisen stating that they are also looking to the bridge the gap with another major platform: PlayStation.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft allegedly looked into mending the two by bringing over the Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that has seen massive amounts of success from gamers worldwide, to the PlayStation 4. According to the site, this negotiation has been going on for over a year internally, though has not seen any fruition as of yet.

Given that Sony has only recently come around to the idea of cross-play after immense pressure from players and developers alike last year, seeing them take that newly opened door and making it even wider seems slim at this point. Though with reports that the next generation of console gaming from both sides will "break down the generational gap," that could mean less of a separation between the two major platforms. After all, the barriers between PC and Xbox has crumbled down, why not take that even further - especially since Nintendo seems onboard as well.

At this point and time, it's simply a rumor so it should be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, stranger things have happened and it will be interesting to see if anything comes from this. Imagine - a world without fan boys crying which system is "clearly" superior, and instead just enjoying gaming the way gamers should. Is this world peace, because it feels like world peace.

As for the original reports for Xbox Game Pass coming to Nintendo Switch, you can check out our previous coverage here to learn more about the supposed big move on the way. If this turns out to be true, that means big things for both companies. Imagine playing Gears of War on the Switch! Halo?! Yes, please!


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