Xbox One's New Avatar System Is Live, And It's Amazing

Microsoft has teased a "bigger and better" Avatar system for the latest generation before, though we haven't had any clear details about what to expect or when it's coming other than "more details on the way." Now the upgraded way to personalize one's toon has made its way onto the Xbox One platform and we've definitely got some thoughts on the new system!

The new Avatar system was first revealed at 2017's E3 experience and showed off a more individualized system with even greater options, even more attention to detail. The Avatars themselves don't affect gameplay by any means, but they are a neat way for players to customize their gaming experience and let their personalities shine online.

The new overhaul was set to include new props, outfits, cosmetics, even including new additions to allow those with disabilities share their story through the use of these creatable toons. It's the most immersive Avatar creator yet for the game with an endless supply of colour options, more diversified hair options, and skin tones for every gamer out there.

I have a really unique hair color that kind of changes depending on the light I'm in. Sometimes it's bright, baby blue - other times, a soft silver. Because of that, it's a little difficult to make toons - in games as well - based off of my likeness but I can say with the new changes, I did it! I finally did it! I have a toon that looks like me - she even has my favourite lipstick color on as well!

BeFunky-collage (15)

As somebody that spends a lot of time both on console and on PC, I love being able to tailor the gaming experience. From custom controllers, to individualized backgrounds - any way I can put a creative spin on my gaming experience I will.


On disappointing feature however was that all of my previously bought Avatar items are now gone. As a huge Mass Effect fan, I loved donning that familiar N7 armor when hanging out in the lobby. Unfortunately at this time, the outfit selection and clothing options are a bit limited, but it is only just released! There is no reason why we won't see a much bigger selection and a way to integrate old purchases down the line.