Xbox Cult Classic Franchise Potentially Teased to Return

A cult classic Xbox franchise from the past looks like it could be returning. Over the past couple years, Xbox has slowly been reviving a number of dormant properties that it owns, especially on the PC side of things. One of the biggest franchises that Xbox owns for PC happens to be Age of Empires, which has recently seen a handful of new installments arrive, most notably's with 2021's Age of Empires IV. Now, based on some new teases that have hit the internet recently, it looks as though another classic entry in this series could soon be coming back as well. 

On Twitter recently, video game industry reporter Jez Corden nonchalantly tweeted about Age of Mythology, which was a spin-off game within the larger Age of Empires series. Corden didn't say anything definitively about Age of Mythology coming back in the form of a sequel or remaster, but simply said that the game itself was "pretty cool." Not long after tweeting this, fellow reporter Jeff Grubb shared the tweet and said that Age of Mythology is something that "Could be cool again."

Of course, what Grubb and Corden said here at never point directly indicated that Age of Mythology could for sure be making a comeback. However, both insiders have been known to passively tease things on social media every now and again related to upcoming video game announcements. As such, many people in the replies to each tweet were quick to assume that these were hints that Xbox could be working on something tied to Age of Mythology behind the scenes right now. 

Still, it's important to stress that you should take this story with a pretty big grain of salt for the time being. Until we hear anything official from Xbox, this whole situation is nothing more than conjecture. That being said, given Xbox's newfound focus on the Age of Empires series in recent years, Age of Mythology making a return is something that seems quite feasible. 

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