Rumor: Microsoft Is No Longer Planning to Release Multiple Next-Gen Xbox Consoles

Going into E3 2019, there were rumors circulating for awhile that Microsoft's next-gen Xbox plans included multiple consoles, but according to a new rumor, those plans have changed. Now, rather than ship multiple SKUs of Xbox Scarlett, there will be simply one console, like in generations past. More specifically, previous leaks, rumors, and reports claimed that Project Scarlett would come in two variants: a higher-end and more powerful console codenamed Anaconda and a cheaper, less powerful console codenamed Lockhart. Then, at E3, Microsoft only mentioned a single console, and now brand-new rumors and reports are coming in are claiming this is because it's no longer approaching next-gen with the two-console plan.

Word of the change of plans comes way of well-known Xbox insider Klobrille -- via Twitter -- who seems to suggest that yes, plans have changed, which isn't that crazy given the next wave of Xbox is still 18 months out.

Of course, like any rumor or report, take this with a grain of salt. While Klobrille is known to have a scoop or two, this could be inaccurate or simply not final. Maybe this is the current plan, but Microsoft could jump back to the two-console approach, if it was ever thinking about shipping more than one type of Xbox Scarlett in the first place.

That all said, the multiple console approach always seemed like a bad idea that would probably just confused the average consumer, so it's probably best if Microsoft leave the idea behind it.

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