Xbox Scarlett's Specs Reportedly Revealed and They Sound Powerful

According to a new report, the next-gen Xbox will be quite the capable and powerful console, which goes directly against reports from earlier this year that suggested the PS5 was set to edge out the Xbox Scarlett in terms of power, just like the PS4 did with the Xbox One. The report comes way of Windows Central, an outlet known for its scoops pertaining to Microsoft and it's gaming division, Xbox. Echoing previous reports, rumors, and leaks, Windows Central notes that Xbox Scarlett is actually two Xbox consoles: Anaconda and Lockhart. In short, the former will be a cheaper, less powerful console for more of the casual gaming experience. Meanwhile, the former will be targeted at hardcore gamers who want power and the latest technology.

The more impressive of these two consoles, the Anaconda, will reportedly have 12 teraflops compared to the Lockhart's 4 teraflops. Meanwhile, it will also come packing 16GB RAM (13GB for games, 3Gb for OS), and like the PS5 will have a custom SSD aimed at drastically lowering load times across the board. This means not only will games load up faster, but once in a game's world, it's assets will come in much more quickly. As a result, developers should be able to add much more detail to their worlds without having to worry about pop-in.

To put some of these numbers into perspective: the Xbox One X clocks in at 6 teraflops. The Xbox One S has 1.4. So, to jump all the way to 12 is a big leap. Meanwhile, the Xbox One X has nearly half the amount of RAM and has no SSD. These may sound like minor differences, and to an extent this is true. There's nothing here that's going to revolutionize the console gaming experience. However, these are big improvements that you will be able to see and feel.

Of course, all of this information -- the specs -- should be taken with a grain of salt. While Windows Central has proven to be a reliable source in the past, even reliable sources get things wrong. Further, even if everything here is correct, it's also subject to change.


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