Microsoft Encourages Early Xbox Series X Owners to Enjoy the Console Now

Some lucky fans are reporting receiving their Xbox Series X consoles early, and Microsoft is encouraging those players to go ahead and enjoy themselves with the new system. In a new Tweet from Xbox Support, the company told players that they are aware of some systems being sent out ahead of time, and offered a small warning that last-minute touches are still being made, so patches and updates should be expected before the system officially launches. It seems likely that most fans wouldn't wait for the go-ahead, but some might have been concerned that possible issues could arise if they started playing ahead of time!

The Tweet from Xbox Support be found embedded below.

It will be interesting to see how the Xbox Series X performs this year. First-party games for the system will also see release on Xbox One for the foreseeable future, which could lead to some gamers holding off on upgrading. However, the company's All Access plan could prove to be a great way to get newcomers to try the Xbox brand. Rather than purchasing the system with one lump sum, buyers instead pay a monthly fee over two years, and receive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as an added incentive.

Of course, there are multiple reasons that current Xbox fans might want to upgrade now. The system's insanely fast load times and upgraded graphics for existing games are going to be a big part of the system's appeal. Coupled with the company's focus on backwards compatibility this generation, players should have a pretty big list of games to enjoy at launch!


While the idea of other gamers receiving their consoles ahead of time might come as a disappointment for those still waiting on their system to arrive, the wait is very nearly at an end! The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are both set to release on November 10th.

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