Xbox May Make Big Change to Series X|S Quick Resume Feature

Xbox may be making a big change to the Quick Resume feature on Xbox Series X|S. When the Xbox Series X|S was released in 2020, it wasn't as obvious of a leap as the PlayStation 5. Unlike the Sony console, it had the same UI, a slightly refined controller, and some other small tweaks, but the biggest changes were mostly within the hardware of the console so it could be extremely powerful. It didn't have the traditional fan fare of a brand new console with flashy new features and gimmicks, but there was one really notable addition that has been a bit of a game changer: Quick Resume. The feature allows players to essentially have a queue of games that save where you left off and you can return to them later, even if it has been months and you've played other games since then.

It's a pretty incredible feature, but it does have its flaws. For example, online games like Call of Duty or Battlefield don't really work with Quick Resume. These are games that are checking for an online connection and will disconnect you from the servers if you've been inactive for too long. When launching the game back up through Quick Resume, it can create problems that force the player to restart the game from scratch, defeating the purpose of the feature. Xbox boss Phil Spencer heard this complaint loud and clear from a fan and is now looking into the option to disable Quick Resume. 

It's unclear if players will be able to specify the games they don't want to launch in Quick Resume or if it would just completely disable it outright. As of right now, it's not a confirmed feature, but something that Xbox is looking into. Given there's a pretty expansive overhaul coming to the Xbox UI in the coming months, maybe Microsoft will work to include this as part of the larger update.


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