Xbox Series X Reveals New Expansion Cards

After a leak teased earlier this month that we might soon see the release of new expansion cards for Xbox Series X and S console, Xbox today decided to finally confirm the news for itself. While there was previously only a single proprietary memory card option available on the two new Xbox consoles for those who wanted to look to expand the storage capacity, Microsoft today announced that two new versions will be coming to the market quite soon. 

Detailed on the Xbox website today, it was revealed that two new Seagate Storage Expansion Cards for Xbox Series X and S consoles will be launching before the end of the year. Of these two, one of the variants will give Xbox owners 512GB of additional storage for their console of choice. This item will cost $139.99 and was the one to have leaked earlier in the month. It's also poised to release in November. The second memory card is then much heftier and weighs in at 2TB in total with a planned release for December. However, it's also vastly more pricey and will set you back a staggering $399.99 if you opt to purchase it. 

In case you're wondering why both of these new SSD cards are so expensive, well, that's just how it is at the moment. As time goes onward, prices for storage devices like this will surely continue to fall, much as we have seen in the past with other storage options for consoles and PC. Still, it's a hard sell at the moment to want to drop up to $400 on nothing more than a memory card. After all, at that value, the expansion card is more costly than an entire Xbox Series S console. Luckily, if you're more than happy with the available SSD space you have on your own Xbox Series X or S console at the moment, you by no means have to upgrade. Having more storage space is only a luxury, after all. 

Are you planning to pick up either of these new storage devices for your own Xbox Series X or S console? Or are you more than content with the space that you have right now? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.