Xbox Live Servers Are Down Confirms Microsoft [UPDATE]

Update: The official Xbox Support Twitter account has announced that Xbox Live servers and services should now be operating as normal.

Orginal: Xbox Live servers are down, which means Xbox One, Xbox 360, and those that have received the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S early currently can not access their consoles in their entirety. Providing a status update, the official Xbox Support account has confirmed that it's aware players are currently unable to sign in to Xbox Live across various platforms and that it currently has a team looking into the issue.

Unfortunately, this is all the official Xbox Support Twitter account reveals. Right now, it's currently unclear how prevalent this problem is, or in other words, how many players are being affected and whether or not it's a regional or global issue. Meanwhile, an ETA for a solution is also not provided. In the past, Microsoft has been quick to fix issues with Xbox Live servers, but there's also been plenty of instances where hours go by before a solution is rolled out.

"We're aware that users are currently unable to sign into Xbox Live on various platforms," said the official Xbox Support Twitter account. "The right teams are looking into the issue and working on a fix. We'll provide updates here on our Twitter, or on our status page at."

At the moment, it's also unclear what the problem is or how severe the problem is. Typically, servers crash when traffic becomes too much for said servers to handle, but this shouldn't be a problem on a Tuesday afternoon. In the past, when this has been the issue, it's happened on Friday night or Saturday, times of the week where players, en masse, log into Xbox Live to play.


As long as Xbox Live is down, you will not be able to play any online games or access a variety of features. However, you can still play offline games as normal.

We will be sure to update this post as more and official information comes in, but for now, at the moment of writing this, the above update is the latest update from Xbox Support.