Xbox Series X Stock Will Reportedly Be Improved for the Holiday Season

If you're someone who still hasn't been able to track down an Xbox Series X or S console for yourself, it sounds like your luck could be changing within the next couple of months. According to a new report, those at Microsoft are looking to ensure that both versions of its new console line are more readily available for purchase throughout the Christmas season. And while it remains to be seen just how high this supposed stock will be, it seems like good fortune could soon be coming to a number of fans that have been holding out.

News on this new stock of the Xbox Series X comes by way of video game industry reporter Christopher Dring. In a recent message on Twitter, Dring said that he has been hearing that Xbox is looking to bolster the stock of available Xbox Series X consoles that it has in the holiday season. Dring cites that the two major first-party games that Xbox will soon be releasing, Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5, has led the company to look to make its next-gen platform more readily available to buy. "Microsoft will utilize those games and Game Pass as the key hardware selling points during the Christmas sales window," Dring explained.

Much like its counterpart, the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S consoles largely haven't been able to remain in stock for a prolonged period of time since first launching last year. And while Microsoft's console isn't selling at the same rate as the Nintendo Switch or PS5, shipping and production constraints that have come about in the wake of the pandemic have led to stock numbers being perpetually low. Luckily, it sounds like Microsoft has been planning with these ongoing shortages in mind and may have even more stock tucked away to let loose within the coming weeks and months.

Are you still trying to get ahold of an Xbox Series X or S for yourself? And if so, are you hoping to snag one at some point in the Christmas season? Let me know down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.