Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Hands-On Photos Compare Consoles to Xbox One and PS4

Those interested in the next-gen Xbox Series X console have long known the dimensions of the device, but thanks to some new hands-on photos shared after the reveal of the Xbox Series S, we now have a better idea of what these consoles will look like alongside those from the current generation. The Xbox Series X stands out as a beefy device that’ll take up more space than console owners are used to while the Xbox Series S mimics the slimmer, more form-fitting designs of the current consoles like the Xbox One X and the PlayStation 4.

While the actual consoles themselves weren’t sent out for consideration, GameSpot was able to go hands-on with prototypes for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to see what they looked and felt like alongside other devices and how they’d fit into someone’s gaming setup. Different angles of the consoles show them vertically and horizontally while next to and on top of one another to give a perspective on the sizes.

Comparing the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles to each other is valuable, but comparing them to current consoles like the Xbox One X is even better since people can gauge how big they’ll be off of what they already have. The two photos below show both next-gen consoles alongside an Xbox One X to show the differences between the generations.

Xbox Series S One X
(Photo: GameSpot)
Xbox Series X One X
(Photo: GameSpot)

Since we haven’t seen photos like this to compare the next-get PlayStation 5 with current consoles, comparing the new Xbox devices to the PlayStation 4 is the best that can be done. The side-by-side image below shows the Xbox Series S sitting next to a PlayStation 4 while the one beneath it shows an Xbox Series X sitting on top of the PlayStation console. Both the Xbox Series S and PlayStation 4 are similar in size and build while the Xbox Series X again stands out dramatically from the competition.

Xbox Series S PS4
(Photo: GameSpot)
Xbox Series X PS4
(Photo: GameSpot)

The prices for the new consoles were confirmed recently by Microsoft alongside release dates for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. You can get the Xbox Series X for $500 while the Xbox Series S will instead go for $300. Seeing how Sony still hasn’t shared anything on the pricing or release timing of the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, we don’t know yet how the values will compare to Microsoft’s next-gen plans.