Xbox Series X Game The Medium Gets Delayed

Bloober Team’s The Medium will no longer release on the Xbox Series X, Series S, and PC platforms on December 10th, the developer announced on Friday. The game has now been delayed and is scheduled to release on January 28th instead, a delay of little over a month that doesn’t push the game back too far but does lengthen the wait for more Xbox exclusives. The developer attributed the delay partially to Covid-19 concerns and partially to “other games on the market” which appears to be a direct reference to the new release date for Cyberpunk 2077.

The latest update on The Medium was shared via the game’s Twitter account in a message from the developer. An explanation for why the game was being delayed was given alongside a guarantee that the time spent working on the game leading up to its new January release date will add polish to the experience. More information on the game is to come during that process.

“After much careful thought and consideration, today we have made the difficult decision to delay the launch of The Medium to January 28, 2021,” Bloober Team said in its announcement. “It wasn’t an easy choice to make, but one made due to the Covid-19 situation in Poland, as well as the current schedule of other games on the market. Bloober Team remains committed to delivering our biggest, most ambitious, fear-inducing experience to date.”

“Other games on the market” doesn’t specifically mention one game, but it’s evident what the text was referring to. CD Projekt Red announced in October it had delayed Cyberpunk 2077 to December 10th, a release date it then shared with The Medium. December isn’t typically a very crowded month for games, but with Cyberpunk 2077 being pushed back again to that timeframe, other games’ developers have made efforts to adjust their plans accordingly. Nobody seems to want to release games around Cyberpunk 2077, an expected and understandable outlook given the hype around the game.

The new release date for The Medium isn’t far from the old one, but it does make the wait for new Xbox console exclusives a longer one. The Xbox Series X is an outstanding console as we outlined in our review, but the launch lineup is noticeable sparse and becomes sparser still with The Medium being pushed back to a new date.