Xbox Reveals Incredible Thor: Love and Thunder Console

Microsoft is no stranger to putting out custom Xbox consoles for different giveaways, but this latest one revealed on Friday may be one of the most creative ones yet. It puts a Marvel twist on the Xbox Series X by creating a console themed after the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie. It's got the logo from the film on the side of it, of course, but more impressive than that is the handle sticking out of the side that makes it look like an Xbox version of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

You can check out the impressive creation below from Xbox courtesy of the company's social accounts after it was showed off on Friday. Both the top and the bottom of the console feature an intricate pattern while the main parts of the sides feature a cracked, greyish metal look to mimic Thor's hammer. The part that really seals the deal, however, is the brown and grey handle coming off of what would be the back of the Xbox if you were standing it up vertically.

That handle does raise some questions, however. Does it come off? What's it made out of? It certainly would make it more difficult to arrange the console in an entertainment center if it were permanently in place, but that's a small price to pay for a one-of-a kind console.

This console is indeed the only one like it, too, because as Xbox's official rules for this sweepstakes state, there's only one console like this and only one that'll be given away. For those who've been around for some of Xbox's past giveaways, you'll already know how this works. Those who wish to enter the competition must follow the official Xbox account on Twitter and retweet the tweet above with the included hashtag in order to be eligible. Over 10,000 people have already done so, so while your chances might be slim, somebody has to be the winner, and it could be you.


This promotion ends on July 21st, so you've got until then to enter. Thor: Love and Thunder comes to theaters on July 8th.