Xbox Update Adds Perfect Time-Saving Feature

Xbox is making it easier to pair your wireless controller.

Xbox is adding a new feature that will save users a lot of time and energy. Xbox has been around for over 20 years now and yet, it is always evolving. Xbox has been great about listening to its users about how to improve the ecosystem and has really pushed the envelope in creating a worthwhile experience. Over the last decade alone, we've gotten Xbox Game Pass, crossplay, Discord integration, backward compatibility across all Xbox hardware, and much more. Xbox has continued to try to improve the experience for users with smaller updates, such as improving the dashboard, adding various quality of life updates to features, and much more.

The latest update is currently available to Xbox Insiders and is one of the most useful features we've gotten in a while. Xbox has added a feature that will allow you to pair wireless devices without ever touching the console again. All you have to do is open up the Xbox accessories app on the console and then choose what type of device you want to connect (controller, adaptive controller, or headset) and go from there. Previously, you had to get up off your couch or wherever you play from and hold a button down on the console, which could be incredibly annoying. Some people keep their Xbox consoles in media centers or in spaces that are otherwise a bit difficult to reach, as they don't really physically interact with it very much, and this now circumvents the need to ever touch it again unless you are moving the console or putting a disc in. The Verge's Tom Warren has provided a video showing off the new feature.

As of right now, it's not available to all Xbox users since it's part of an update for Insiders. Hopefully, we can get it sooner rather than later, but usually these features are added for Insiders just a few weeks or a month before it rolls out to everyone else. If there's a major problem, then it could get delayed, but it's likely we'll see this get added soon.

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