Xbox Teases Surprises and "Biggest Inside Xbox Ever" During X018

Xbox’s X018 show is just one week away now with surprises and a huge Inside Xbox show being teased.

The official Xbox Twitter account teased the upcoming fan show with a tweet that hinted at these surprises and more, including first looks at the game. Inside Xbox is the console company’s recurring live video series that’s revealed new games and developments for existing titles in the past, the show often going on alongside other important events like E3. What all this next episode of Inside Xbox will consist of wasn’t mentioned, but the tweet did say that it’ll be the biggest airing yet.

A similar message can be found on the site for the upcoming X018 show that takes place on November 10-11 along with information about when the show begins and how viewers can watch it remotely.

“Join us for X018, a global celebration of all things Xbox. X018 is for Xbox fans, where people can watch online for news, first looks, and surprises on the largest live Inside Xbox episode ever,” Xbox’s site about the X018 event said. “Stay tuned on Mixer throughout the weekend for additional news. Coverage streams on Mixer from November 10-11, 2018; Inside Xbox runs 3:00pm–5:00pm DF/CT on Saturday.”

Microsoft announced the return of the annual Xbox FanFest event in September with Xbox boss Phil Spencer declaring that the event would take place in Mexico City. Attendees will be able to visit the show to see all the reveals and first looks in person, but everyone else can watch at home via Mixer to see what Microsoft has in store for everyone.

“Hosted on Saturday, Nov. 10 at the fourth-annual Xbox FanFest: Mexico City, more than 10,000 fans will join us on site – but you don’t have to travel to Mexico to be part of X018!” Microsoft said when the event was initially announced. “We will livestream all the X018 action on our biggest Inside Xbox episode yet so fans all around the world can participate online. Whether you’ve been with us for years, months, weeks, or you’re still considering joining our global community, this is a moment where all of us come together.”


Games like Ubisoft’s The Division 2 will be present at the event along with Crackdown 3 also making an appearance. Attendees will also be able to play Kingdom Hearts 3, a game that just got a new trailer on Saturday during a separate event.

Microsoft’s X018 event will take place on November 10-11 during the times listed above.