xQc Announces GTA RP NoPixel Return Following His Fourth Ban

Twitch star Felix "xQc" Lengyel teased just a few days ago that he might soon be returning to the NoPixel Grand Theft Auto role play server sooner than expected. Despite getting banned from the platform for the fourth time and not being allowed to come back until the middle of May, xQc made a slight indication that he may be returning in short order. As of today, we now know that this is indeed true.

xQc has been reinstated from his ban nearly three weeks earlier than expected. As of today, April 30, Twitch's biggest streamer is once again able to join in on the shenanigans of the NoPixel GTA RP server. xQc will be returning as his character Jean Paul which is who he portrays in the server.

As for when this return to the NoPixel GTA RP server will specifically be happening, xQc should be live tonight at midnight to join back in on the action. While his stream going live at midnight means that his arrival back in NoPixel is technically happening on May 1, that's just a detail that is splitting hairs.

The big question regarding xQc continued activity with other content creators in the NoPixel GTA RP server is how long it will last. As mentioned, xQc himself has been banned from the server on four different occasions at this point. Even though he's always able to get back in eventually, the streamer hasn't shown up until this point that he can play in this space for long before being booted out, despite him saying that he has changed his ways since the last ban. Whether or not a fifth ejection is in xQc's future remains to be seen, but history would tell us that such a result shouldn't be surprising.

Regardless of what may happen down the road, are you excited to see xQc coming back to the NoPixel GTA RP server? And are you going to tune in to his stream later on Twitch to watch his return unfold? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


[H/T Dexerto]