This YouTuber Managed To Build a Deluxe Sized Nintendo Switch Setup

In the one year's time that it's been out, the Nintendo Switch has managed to attract a lot of fans. And why shouldn't it, with its excellent line-up of games and its accessibility, with being able to enjoy it at home or on the go. But there are those that wish there were some changes to it, particularly with the small handheld screen.

But leave it to a crafty YouTuber to alleviate this problem with a homemade solution. My Mate Vince has managed to put together a deluxe-sized Nintendo Switch handheld set-up that consists of a much larger monitor, while still having the JoyCon controllers comfortably sit on the sides. It's a neat idea, although you won't have the benefit of a kickstand to help you, like with the smaller screen.

Vince managed to put together the system utilizing a 15.5 inch 1080p monitor, connected via USB cables. He then managed to put the components on the back using Velcro, and use portable batteries to keep both the monitor and the Switch dock (well, a third party model made by FastSnail), running off different levels of votage.

In addition, he also managed to make sure that the JoyCon controllers could be snapped on and removed, like a regular Switch, utilizing controller grips attached to the side of the monitor.

As humongous as it looks in the video above, the unit itself is just about 5.5 pounds, he noted – that's heavier than the usual Switch, but not bad for prolonged periods of play. The only downside is that you need to set it on your lap in order to enjoy it, as seen in the video above.

But Vince isn't done tinkering with it yet. He said he will continue to make improvements on this model, as it will "look much better and thinner and be more portable with a kickstand with different levels" – and that sounds like something that would be worth trying.

Obviously, Vince isn't selling anything like this – it's an experiment merely to get the word out about his work. But it's a neat idea, and leaves us wondering if Nintendo would ever consider making a Switch XL down the road. Hey, we've seen it before.


Our Take: This is a neat little experiment, but I'm not sure if anyone would see long-term value of a Switch XL if they have to hold it in their lap. Fortunately, it sounds like Vince is willing to work on improvements for the model. Let's see how well that kickstand comes into play.