Zombicide Second Edition's Kickstarter Features Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf

Zombicide's newest Kickstarter features a surprising cameo by a deadly and dangerous Hollywood star. Earlier today, CMON announced a new stretch goal for its Zombicide Second Edition Kickstarter - an "Actual Cannibal" abomination miniature that references a hilarious Rob Cantor video. The abomination is clearly Hollywood superstar Shia LaBeouf, who has come back to life as a zombie to hunt down survivors in the newest version of the popular tabletop game. Shia LaBeouf isn't just a hilarious miniature - he's actually a usable monster in Zombicide that systematically hunts down survivors. Because Shia LaBeouf is notoriously hard to kill, players have to roll 3 dice after defeating him in the game. If any of them results in a 1, Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf will automatically respawn, just waiting to strike again.

Zombicide is a popular tabletop survival game in which players attempt to beat back waves of zombies while completing other objectives. While the zombies follow certain set patterns, they attack in waves and quickly overwhelm players. The newest Kickstarter is raising funds for a 2nd Edition version of the game, which streamlines rules and adds several new survivors and abominations (strong zombies that are much harder to kill) to the game.

The Actual Cannibal abomination is a reference to the 2012 Rob Cantor song "Shia LaBeouf," which portrays the Hollywood actor as a cannibal that hunts for sport. Cantor made an elaborate video for the song in 2014, which both featured LaBeouf and an elaborate dance routine with multiple choirs participating as backup singers.

The new Zombicide Kickstarter will end later today, November 6th, and has already raised over $3 million.