Baby Yoda Lights the Way As a Lamp and Mood Light


The Child (aka Baby Yoda) will show you the the dark thanks to not one but two brand new lights inspired by the character from the Disney+ series Star Wars: The Mandalorian. The first is a mood light featuring Baby Yoda is his little pod, and the second is a bust of Baby Yoda's head.

The Baby Yoda mood light (pictured above) uses two button cell LR44 batteries, which are included. Unfortunately, a specific size for the light isn't listed, but the price is right at only $15.92 (20% off) here at BoxLunch (on that note, keep scrolling down for another cute Baby Yoda item that just came back in stock at BoxLunch).


Before we get to that, we've got to talk about the second Baby Yoda light. As noted, it's a bust of Baby Yoda's head that measures 6-inches tall and uses two AAA batteries (not included). That version is available to pre-order here at Merchoid for $45.99 with free shipping slated for October. The lamp follows this Baby Yoda figural mug and Baby Yoda stress ball that were released on Merchoid last week.


The other cute Baby Yoda item at BoxLunch is this planter that features Baby Yoda traveling in his little pod with a succulent. The plant is fake, so don't worry about keeping it alive. You can put the Baby Yoda succulent planter anywhere in your home to brighten up the space. It sold out quickly after debuting last week, but it's back in stock here at Box Lunch at the time of writing priced at for $15.92 (20% off). A Chia Pet version is also available here at Entertainment Earth for $19.99.

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