The Best PlayStation Plus Black Friday 2020 Deal is 50% Off a Full Year

We are now officially in the PS5 era, and those of you who have upgraded or are planning to upgrade will be happy to know that the official Black Friday 2020 deal on 12-month PS Plus and PS Now memberships is live. However, the official deal is absolutely blown away by third party offers that go as low as $29.99 (50% off).

The Best PlayStation Plus Black Friday Deals

At the time of writing, the best PlayStation Plus Black Friday deal on a 12-month membership is happening right here at CDKeys for only $29.99 via an instant digital code. Their codes are legit and will work, but if you want something more familiar, you can get the official deal on a full year of PlayStation Plus here on Amazon for $45 (25% off). The same goes for a year of PlayStation Now, which is available here on Amazon for the same price.


Benefits of a PlayStation Plus Membership

Note that the free PlayStation Plus games for November 2020 are now live (Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition) - and the collection includes a PS5 game (Bugsnax). Sony has also confirmed that this will be the format moving forward into the PS5 era. The PlayStation Plus free games for December have also been revealed, and will be available starting on December 1st.

If you are lucky enough to be a PS5 owner, one of the huge new benefits of a PlayStation Plus membership is the PlayStation Plus Collection. If you're unfamiliar, the PS Plus Collection currently offers 20 PS4 games to play for free - and that's on top of the three free games mentioned above. You'll also need a PlayStation Plus membership to back up your PS5 saves for the time being.

Note that Sony also appears to be cooking up some big things for PlayStation Plus in 2021.

Get Black Friday 1-Year PlayStation Plus Deal on Amazon - $45

Benefits at a glance:

  • Online Multiplayer
  • Free Monthly Games
  • Auto game patch download from rest mode
  • Exclusive early access to game trials, demos, and public beta trials
  • 100GB of online storage for saves
  • Exclusive content and discounts in PlayStation Store
  • PS Plus Collection for PS5 owners
playstation now

Benefits of a PlayStation Now Membership

The PlayStation Now service allows members to download and stream a large (and growing) of games for the PS4, PS3, and PS2 on demand. New titles are added every month, and it is expected to become even more valuable to PS5 owners in the years to come. That said, you can check out the list of new PS Now games for November right here.

Get Black Friday 1-Year PlayStation Now Deal on Amazon - $45


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