Sony Teases Big PlayStation Plus News

Sony has something cooking with PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus, but at the moment, it's keeping these plans to itself. During a recent interview, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan reaffirmed that PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now are very important to Sony, and this will continue to be the case with the PS5 generation. Recently, the company has been focused on the PS5 hardware itself, as well as the games releasing alongside it, but it's also been "thinking deeply" about its services, and has "some quite interesting stuff that'll get its own moment in the limelight."

Unfortunately, right now, Ryan is keeping things vague and providing no timeline, but it sounds like, at the very least, we will hear much more about PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now in 2021. What this will be, who knows, but apparently it's interesting.

"PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus are very important to us today," said Ryan. "This year we're just trying to keep it focused on the PlayStation 5 and the games, but that doesn't mean we're thinking deeply about our services and figuring out some quite interesting stuff that'll get its own moment in the limelight."

With the emergence of Xbox Game Pass, there's been a building expectation that Sony is going to match this with either revamping PlayStation Now, PlayStation Plus, or combining the two into a larger service. However, with the PlayStation brand doing better than ever, and very much in the industry driving seat, there's little incentive for Sony to do anything radically different than what it's been doing.

So far, the PS5 hasn't changed PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now at all. The former now offers a third game each month, a PS5 game, but that's all that's changed. Again though, it sounds like this may change soon.


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H/T, GQ.