PlayStation Announces Another PS Plus Bonus for December

On top of the free PlayStation Plus games that subscribers are already getting in December, Sony announced yet another bonus for people to look forward to next month. While still related to PlayStation Plus, this bonus is actually for those who aren't subscribed right now, or at least those who won't be subscribed started on December 19th. PlayStation is having another weekend of free online multiplayer opportunities for people who aren't subscribed to PlayStation Plus, though the offer will only be live for a short while.

The PlayStation Plus offer was announced in the same post where Sony confirmed the free games that subscribers will get during December. This free multiplayer weekend will start on December 19th and will run until December 20th which doesn't give people too long to try it out, though it's at least on the weekend as opposed to the middle of the week.

PlayStation suggested a couple of games that people could try with a graphic that showed Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War next to Grand Theft Auto V and FIFA 21. You're not limited to those games of course and can play anything that requires a PlayStation Plus subscriptions, but once the timeframe for the offer expires, you'll again need an active subscription to play games where required.

Nothing big has changed lately with PlayStation Plus to make it so that there's anything totally new during the free trial than before, but there might be some stuff to look forward to in the future. PlayStation's Jim Ryan recently talked about some of the ways Sony and the PlayStation team are approaching the next generation and told GQ they are "thinking deeply" about the services PlayStation offers. He added that they're "figuring out some quite interesting stuff" that will come to light at a later date.

A similar response from Ryan when speaking to TASS indicated that Sony might have some sort of way to challenge the Xbox Game Pass service in the future. It's true that Sony and Microsoft both have two services each, one for online gaming and one subscription for games, but the value of Xbox Game Pass currently far outdoes the value of PlayStation Now in terms of what's offered.


Sony's free multiplayer weekend for those not subscribed to PlayStation Plus starts on December 19th.