Funko's Spider-Man Impostor Pop 2-Pack Exclusive is Shipping Now


The Spider-Man pointing at impostor Spider-Man meme has been going strong for years thanks to the fact that making unflattering comparisons and pointing out hypocrisy is consistently funny. With all of the other Marvel Funko Pops out there, it seems like figures based on the popular Spider-Man pointing meme were long overdue. Well, the wait is over!

The meme originated with an episode of the 1967 ABC Spider-Man cartoon entitled "Double Identity", which involved a criminal named Charles Cameo impersonating Spider-Man in order to steal art. Funko could have gone with a Moment Pop figure to depict the scene from the meme, but they wisely chose to run it as a 2-pack with a background insert, which makes it more versatile. Spider-Man points at Spider-Man! Spider-Man points at you! Spider-Man points at your dog! The possibilities are endless.

First announced back in May, the Spider-Man Impostor Pop 2-Pack is in stock and shipping now from Entertainment Earth for $24.99. It's a limited edition and Entertainment Earth has the exclusive on this one, so grab one before they're gone.

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