Toy Fair: Funko Reveals Garfield POPs

Jim Davis brought the lovable curmudgeon Garfield and his puppy buddy Odie to the world, and now [...]

Jim Davis brought the lovable curmudgeon Garfield and his puppy buddy Odie to the world, and now Funko is giving them their very own POPs.

The lasagna-loving feline stands tall with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face in his first ever POP, all done in an adorable cartoony style. Odie is also part of the set, with his tongue hanging out and an expression on his face that can't help but make you smile. These two are available to pre-order right here, but there's also an exclusive to be found as well.

The exclusive is a Garfield who would rather be sleeping than be alert and is holding an "I Hate Mondays" mug. This one will be a Funko Shop exclusive, and these should be hitting soon.

(Photo: Funko)

You can check out the new Garfield POPs above. Head on over to our master list to see all of the new Funko Pop figures launched at NY Toy Fair 2019.

I Hate Mondays has been a part of the Garfield character for some time, and creator Jim Davis previously explained why the character, who doesn't actually have a job, loathes the day so much.

"Garfield does not have a job, Garfield does not go to school and every day is the same," Davis admitted. "Nevertheless every Monday is just a reminder that his life is the same old, same old cycling again and for some reason even though his life is pretty much the same every day on Mondays specifically, awful things tend to happen to him physically."

He also went on to explain a bit more about what he thinks fans appreciate about the character.

"We live in a time where we are made to feel guilty for not exercising and oversleeping and overeating, but Garfield's cool with that," Davis explained of the character's appeal. "He likes it all and he is not apologetic about it. He just lays it out there the way it is. I think that is what people really appreciate about him because he kind of holds the mirror back to the reader. He throws it back with a humorous twist."

Soon you can have your very own I Hate Mondays Garfield in POP form.

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